The road to the playable demo of Outer Wonders

The road to the playable demo of Outer Wonders


Hi! In our latest blog post, we announced we will be releasing the playable demo of Outer Wonders on on April 2nd. This short blog post is about making a summary of what we will be working on in the coming weeks so we can publish the playable demo for you to try out!

Essential work

There are quite a few things left that we want to implement to create the experience we initially envisioned for the playable demo of Outer Wonders, including:

  • setting up the scenery for the demo's puzzles: as of today, we have the outlines of the puzzles implemented, as well as the level art designed by Batpoussin. We now have to make use of this level art inside our puzzles;
  • a main menu: as of writing, Peacebringer is working on it;
  • more sound effects: we have Bibi's voice implemented (you'll hear it upon performing most in-game actions), but we plan to incorporate more sound effects, most notably for interaction with the in-game environment.
  • testing, testing, and testing to ensure there are no bugs or possible softlocks left.

Additional work

In order to make the experience even more pleasant, we would really like to focus on the following features as well, but we may consider implementing them as updates to the playable demo after it is released. Among them are:

  • in-game music;
  • Linux support: as of today, most of our work and testing is performed on Windows, but the SDL2 technology used in our game engine may enable us to build the game for Linux as well (actually, we've tried this out a few times in the past and it's been working out pretty nicely!).

And this concludes this short blog post! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to read our news and play weekly puzzles! Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep informed about our latest blog posts. A Discord community server is also on the way.

See you soon!