First overview of interactions in Outer Wonders

First overview of interactions in Outer Wonders

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Happy new year 2021! We home you had a happy holiday season. We're back for 2021 to tell you more about the the concept of Outer Wonders, starting this Friday with a first overview of the interactions with the in-game environment.

Altering the environment: a key feature of Outer Wonders

In case you've read our blog post introducing Outer Wonders or our tweet summarizing the concept of the game, you have most likely understood that interacting with environment was one of the keys to progress in the adventure.

In case you did not, see for yourself below.

Animation where Bibi rolls on a beaver's tail to inflate the beaver, and then leans against the inflated beaver to continue on its way

These interactions will allow you to reshape levels in order to fully take advantage of the concept of slippery maze (where moving in a direction causes the player to move until an obstacle is met) that Outer Wonders is based on.

Sometimes, the environment itself is enough

Altering the environment will not always be necessary to take full advantage of it though. In many cases, a bit of thinking or testing on an unaltered map will be sufficient, as shown below.

Animation showing Bibi simply rolling from bush to bush to continue on its way

You will even be able to take your thinking to the next level. So to say.

Animation showing Bibi jumping from a tree through a hole, rolling from obstacle to obstacle at the bottom of the tree, and then leaning on a coiled snake to jump back up to the other side of tree and continue its way

These interactions pave the way for the creation of elaborate puzzles, but we wanted to take the concept even further. After all, Outer Wonders is a game about nature and ecology!

Summon the power of nature

As Bibi, you will also be able to acquire special powers related to natural elements, in order to be able to interact with some parts of the environment. Check out the example below showing the power of water!

Animation showing Bibi passing through a huge drop of water to acquire its power, then using this power to grow a plant allowing Bibi to continue on its way.

You'll be able to acquire additional powers besides water to interact with specific parts of the environment. We'll be pleased to unveil more powers in future blog posts!

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See you soon!