The playable demo of Outer Wonders is live on!

The playable demo of Outer Wonders is live on!


This is the day! The playable demo of Outer Wonders is live on!

What's in the demo

This demo is available for Windows and Linux and can be played using a keyboard as well as a controller. It is made of 7 puzzles, amounting to 15-30 minutes of gameplay overall.

As a reminder, the rules are as follows:

  • playing as Bibi , you can move in a straight line in any of the following 4 directions: left (←), right (→), up (↑), down (↓);
  • once you've picked a direction, Bibi will roll in this direction until it hits an obstacle;
  • starting at Bibi's current position, your objective is to reach the exit of each puzzle (on the right side of the animation below, for example) by performing a sequence of such straight-line moves.

For instance, here's what happens if you decide to go to the right →, and then upwards ↑.

Bibi moving to the right in the previous puzzle until it is stopped by a rock at the center of the puzzle, and then moving upwards until it is stopped by a bush at the top of the puzzle.

Some parts on the environment are interactive, such that rolling over them alters the environment, opening new paths and closing others.

Animation where Bibi rolls on a beaver's tail to inflate the beaver, and then leans against the inflated beaver to continue on its way

Some other parts of the environment will take you one floor upwards or downwards.

Animation showing Bibi jumping from a tree through a hole, rolling from obstacle to obstacle at the bottom of the tree, and then leaning on a coiled snake to jump back up to the other side of tree and continue its way

This playable demo will be improved and refined on a regular basis. Feel free to give us feedback and report any bug you may encounter playing the demo of Outer Wonders on

Launching our Discord server

The release of the playable demo of Outer Wonders is also a great opportunity for us to launch our Discord server!

Come and discuss anything about Outer Wonders and try out the weekly puzzles posted on social media!

Screenshot of the Utopixel Discord server listing 2 messages posted by Peacebringer, showing weekly puzzles posted on social media.

And this concludes this blog post! Feel free to try out Outer Wonders on! Join our Discord server, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to read our news and play weekly puzzles! Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep informed about our latest blog posts.

See you soon!