Let there be Utopixel!

Let there be Utopixel!


Hello! This is our first blog post. Which is the perfect opportunity for us to introduce ouverselves!

Who are we?

We are Lyra and Alexandre, two video game enthusiasts who have been working in this field for 4 to 6 years each and have contributed to over 5 commercial games.

Our paths crossed in 2016 in Lille area, France, and, with the common creative vision that we shared came the motivation to make games together in 2017 in addition to our jobs at a video game studio.

As we moved forward, it became crystal clear to us that we wanted to turn what used to be a video game project into a game studio project. From this point, we sought guidance from Pour Toi l’Entrepreneur, an organization made of awesome people who showed us how exciting starting a company can be.

We fully refined our concept and goal as a company in 2019: we want to take the design of puzzle games further. We want to make games which are more than a mere sequence of brain twisters. We want the experience of our puzzle games to go beyond this and take you to memorable worlds.

We then joined an incubation program at Plaine Images in order to start our company with this goal: Utopixel.

What do we make?

We make video games of course! Games with visually-rich worlds that will put your mind to the test. Puzzle and strategy games designed in a more open and less linear fashion, to give you more freedom.

Our first game, Outer Wonders, illustrates our vision nicely. By combining puzzle game mechanics with an adventure-oriented design, Outer Wonders brings unprecedented richness and depth to the concept of puzzle game. More info about Outer Wonders here!

We also believe that video games must be accessible and have a positive impact. This is why we make our games using our own technology, designed to be lightweight and high-performing, that will enable you to enjoy our games even if you believe your computer has had its day.

We’re really eager to show you more! In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even subscribe to our RSS feed. A Discord community server is also on the way!

See you soon!