Announcing weekly puzzles on social media!

Announcing weekly puzzles on social media!


Welcome back! As announced in our previous blog post, we are launching weekly puzzles on social media, starting this week!


We will be posting a new puzzle every week on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, akin to those that Outer Wonders will feature. These puzzles will be simpler than those in the game in order to better match how players use social media.

Let's start out with the puzzle below! You may have already seen it before, in our previous blog post, where we went from designing it as an abstract puzzle to adding scenery on top of it.

Puzzle taking place in a green landscape surrounded by bushes where Bibi, starting on the left, must bypass several rocks and lean against the bushes to reach the exit on the right

Rules are as follows:

  • playing as Bibi , you can move in a straight line in any of the following 4 directions: left (←), right (→), up (↑), down (↓);
  • once you've picked a direction, Bibi will roll in this direction until it hits an obstacle;
  • starting at Bibi's current position, your objective is to reach the exit (on the right side of the screenshot above) by performing a sequence of such straight-line moves.

For instance, here's what happens if you decide to go to the right →, and then upwards ↑.

Bibi moving to the right in the previous puzzle until it is stopped by a rock at the center of the puzzle, and then moving upwards until it is stopped by a bush at the top of the puzzle.

Got the solution? Tell us in the comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Going interactive before publishing a playable demo

We've recently had feedback from players who read our previous blog posts and social media posts, requesting additional information about the gameplay of Outer Wonders.

Besides, we wanted to add more interactivity in the way we communicate with you, dear rolling monkey worshipping community.

These are the reasons why we decided to introduce this simplified game experience, while we work on publishing a playable demo of Outer Wonders, a few months from now at most. We hope you enjoy this introduction to Outer Wonders!

This concludes this short blog post! We look forward to seeing you every Wednesday on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for weekly puzzles! Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep informed about our latest blog posts. A Discord community server is also on the way.

See you soon!